Terms and Conditions

For the business relationship between the customer and the company Haare Schee UG, Schlossgartenstraße 14 in 72622 Nürtingen, the following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply exclusively.
These conditions concern all transactions, contracts and offers, as well as the services and the sale of products, which come about or are concluded between the company Haare Schee UG and the customer. Exceptions, which do not fall under the general terms and conditions, require notification in writing. Deviating, conflicting or supplementary general terms and conditions, even if known, will not become part of the contract, unless their validity is expressly agreed to in writing.

Haare Schee UG performs its services to the best of its knowledge and according to the latest standards of the industry at the customer. The customer will be informed of any changes by Haare Schee UG before the start of the service.

Haare Schee UG works mainly on an appointment basis. Customers are offered appointments after specifying the services required by the customer. These are then firmly reserved with date, time and the desired services.
This can be done in person, by phone (07022/3060228) or via an appropriate booking tool on the homepage www.haareschee.de. As soon as the appointment is reserved, a service contract is created between the customer and Haare Schee UG.

For certain appointments (e.g. wedding / hair thickening / hair extension) the customer is required to pay in advance. This will be communicated to the customer when making the appointment. These appointments are only optional until payment is received and can be canceled and cancelled by Haare Schee UG until payment is received in full.

If due to the customer’s fault (e.g. absence or late arrival) the agreed services cannot be performed or cannot be performed completely due to lack of time, Haare Schee UG is entitled to withdraw from the contract and charge an appointment cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled services.

Appointments can be cancelled and rescheduled 24 hours prior to the appointment at no charge. This must be done by telephone, in writing or via the booking tool.

Prices for services are inclusive of the respective statutory value added tax. Prices can be viewed publicly at any time at www.haareschee.de . For services that are not described in the price list, Haare Schee UG will gladly provide information about the planned price in advance.
The prices listed are minimum prices and may increase due to additional work (e.g. long or particularly thick hair, etc.) or spontaneous addition of other services. Invoice amounts are, if not paid in advance, due immediately after performance of services and are payable exclusively in cash by EC cash or with voucher. Unfortunately, credit cards cannot be accepted.

Paid vouchers / purchase vouchers:
Customers can purchase vouchers at Haare Schee UG. Paid vouchers can be redeemed like cash for payment of all services and items.
Promotional Vouchers and Discounts:
Haare Schee UG sometimes offers customers promotional and action vouchers and discounts. These discounts may be linked to certain conditions (e.g. additional runs) or periods (e.g. limited in time). The acceptance of promotional and action vouchers or the granting of discounts to customers is subject to change. Thus, promotional and action vouchers as well as discounts can also be rejected and not accepted.

Under the age of 16, Haare Schee UG can only provide services involving color or bleaching with the written consent of a parent or guardian.

If a defect appears, the customer has to report it immediately. As immediately is only valid, if it takes place at the latest within 5 days after the service or purchase.
Haare Schee UG then has the right to rectify the defect.
The choice whether to rectify or to refund the costs lies solely with Haare Schee UG.
If Haare Schee UG offers a rectification of defects after a complaint has been made and the customer rejects it, the customer waives any further claims for defects and repayment by rejecting it. If the customer does not respond to an offer of rectification within 48 hours, this is considered a rejection of the rectification.

No claims for defects shall exist in the case of only insignificant deviation from the agreed performance or quality, in the case of only insignificant impairment of usability, in the case of natural wear and tear as well as in the case of damage resulting from incorrect or negligent handling, excessive use, unsuitable hair and skin care products by the customer or due to special influences.

If rectification work or changes are carried out by the customer or a third party, there are also no claims for defects for these and the resulting consequences.

The customer receives a warranty period of 5 days on the service provided.
This guarantee does not apply if the customer does not use the products used in the salon. Products from well-known drugstore chains contain silicones and can take away the color.

The client assures to provide all personal data and information relevant to the professional performance of the service to Haare Schee UG.
These data will be stored in the customer file electronic form. Haare Schee UG undertakes to use these data only for the purpose of the service to be provided, taking into account the privacy clause, and not to disclose the data to third parties or outside persons without the written consent of the customer.

Haare Schee UG assumes no liability for wardrobe, bags, luggage and valuables of the customers. Jewelry is to be taken off before the beginning of the treatment.
Haare Schee UG is not liable for customer’s clothing if it is damaged due to customer’s fault, the same applies to possible incompatibilities and allergies, whether known or unknown.
Exclusion of liability exists for the chemical, thermal, hair and skin cosmetic treatments expressly requested by the customer, as well as all hairdressing measures.
In the case of circumstances beyond the control of Haare Schee UG, e.g. illness or force majeure, such as power outages and the like, which partially or completely prevent the fulfillment of a customer order, no liability claim can be derived. Also, Haare Schee UG does not assume any liability for postponements or delays of appointments for which Haare Schee UG is not responsible. If Haare Schee UG has to postpone an appointment, the customer will be informed as early as possible. The customer then has the possibility to agree with Haare Schee UG on the new appointment or to cancel the appointment free of charge. If the customer has already paid for the appointment or paid in full, all monies for unused services will be refunded to the customer.
Haare Schee UG will attempt to schedule appointments so that the appointment can begin on time. Due to unforeseeable events, it may happen that the customer has to wait.
A claim for damages can not be derived from this.

Haare Schee UG has the right to claim compensation for all damages caused by the customer. Shoplifting will be reported immediately.

If Haare Schee UG publishes picture examples in the salon or on the homepage, these are only examples. Even if the hairstyle or color is reworked on the customer, there may be deviations in terms of design, shape and effect of the design on the customer. The result may differ from the image template shown. The copyright for the design remains with Haare Schee UG. Should the customer make photographs of the created design, which are used for commercial purposes (internet, publications etc.), this requires a written declaration of consent by Haare Schee UG. In case of failure to do so, Haare Schee UG may assert reasonable claims.

The customer is obliged to behave appropriately during the visit in the salon. If the customer still does not behave appropriately even after a warning, Haare Schee UG has the right to expel the customer from the salon and, if necessary, to issue a house ban.

If individual provisions of these general terms and conditions are invalid in whole or in part, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid provision will be replaced by one that is legal and comes closest to the meaning of the invalid provision.

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